BlackList App

BlackList App

Are you sick of telemarketers calling you? Maybe you have some people who just don’t know how to take a hint that you do not want to talk to them on the phone? Perhaps you just get the occasional spam by text message? There is nothing worse than calling your cell phone provider and being told your only option is to change your phone number, which has a fee associated with it. Blacklist is an application that can provide smartphone users in this situation with a little hope.

Blacklist Overview

BlackList LogoBlacklist is the name of an advanced filter and blocker tool. It will help you create a blacklist of all the phone numbers you do not want to receive texts or phone calls from. With this application installed on your phone, you no longer have to be plagued by phone calls and text messages you do not want to receive. You do not have to worry about changing your number, and you can quit wasting your time asking your phone provider for help they cannot give.

With this application, you can block any phone number you want. You also have the option of preventing people who are not in your contact book from calling you. You can even make an exceptions list if there are certain numbers you want to be able to call you, but you do not see the point of having them in your address book. This application even lets you end, or mute the volume of a call with ease.

Watch this video to find out how it works.

Dealing with Unwanted Text Messages

Did you know that if you block a phone number from calling you on some cell phones, they can still text you? With Blacklist, you will not have this problem. When you tell Blacklist you do not want a specific phone number to be able to contact you, it takes care of the problem right away. Immediately delete spam text messages and block the sender from being able to send any additional messages. You don’t have to worry about reading them or even opening them up to delete them.

You can also create filters to tell your phone when to block certain text messages. This is a great tool parents can use to protect their children. You can prevent the phone from receiving text messages that contain certain words or phrases. Then, you do not have to worry so much about what text messages your children are receiving.

Block Scheduler

The idea of blocking all unknown phone calls might make you uneasy. Especially if you have important phone calls that come from unknown numbers from time to time. With the block scheduler, you can tell your phone what hours of the day you only want to receive phone calls from people in your address book. While you are sleeping, maybe you only want to be able to receive phone calls from friends or family members. During work hours, maybe your children should be the only people who can call you.

With this app, you can have control of your phone calls and text messages again.

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