Mobile Spy Cell Phone Tracking Software

mobile spy softwareIt doesn’t matter where you heard about Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software. It could have seen an ad on the Internet or a news clip that you happened to see one day. But you may have the question in your mind as to what this is. Well, I’m going to give you the rundown on it. If you are a parent, employer, or spouse, you will find that this software app that runs on a cell phone is something you cannot do without.

The Quick Answer

My quick answer is that Mobile Spy is an app that runs on a smartphone and spies on the user’s activities. It runs on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones and collects data logs of calls, text messages, and other information described below.

Why Would I Want Mobile Spy?

Why would I want an app such as this? I am a parent with a teenage son who carries an Android smartphone that I purchased for him not long ago. I want to make sure that he does not use that smartphone to hide the truth from me, visit pornographic websites, or communicate with the wrong friends. So, I purchased a 1-year subscription to Mobile Spy  software and have been quite pleased ever since.

Mobile Spy smartphone spy software is also a help to employers and spouses. Let me explain further. If I were an employer issuing smartphones to my employees, I would want to make sure they are used within company rules. In other words, I would not want them using their devices to view pornography or chat the entire day with friends.

Features You Will Find Attractive

mobile spy v6.6I find there are many attractive features to the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking system—too many to list here. Here are just a few of the ones that grab my attention:

  • You do not need technical expertise to implement it
  • Top-notch support
  • Totally undetectable running in full stealth mode
  • Get a record of all calls made or received
  • See the full text of all message exchanges on the smartphone such as SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more
  • Track the smartphone’s GPS location
  • Get a record of every website visited from the smartphone’s browser
  • See all of the photos and videos taken on the tracked smartphone

My son used to tell me lies about his true location. It is not a problem these days with Mobile Spy. He called me once and told me that he had a lot of studying to do and was staying at the library. However, when I checked his GPS location through my Mobile Spy control panel, he was nowhere near the library but at a friend’s house—a friend I didn’t like him associating with.

Putting It into Action

I found it quite simple to put the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking system into action. I only needed to purchase my subscription and then they sent all of the information required to download and install the app. I had to get my son’s smartphone first but after installation I never needed to touch it again.

The Mobile Spy smartphone spy begins working right after installing it. I only need to log on my control panel which is accessible from any Internet-enabled web browser and view the logs as they are sent from his smartphone.

I didn’t mention it before but Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software can also be used to spy on your spouse if you suspect her of having an affair. Mobile Spy has many uses for getting to the truth about those you care about or look after. Get your subscription just as I did and enjoy the help it gives today.